Table step three merchandise this new ten functions quoted most frequently into the Scopus (A) plus the SCIE (B)

Table step three merchandise this new ten functions quoted most frequently into the Scopus (A) plus the SCIE (B)

On account of differences in brand new retrospective publicity regarding each other database, the absolute most quoted content articles are not the same within the each of her or him. Inside the Scopus, more appear to quoted (137 citations) is the next element of a cross-sectional study of development from beginning so you’re able to adulthood wrote inside 2008. This informative article along with corresponds to the best annual admission rates as the the book (13.7). The initial part of this study is the third most frequently cited file (64 citations) and you will represents the second higher annual pass rate as the book (six.4). The next very quoted file involved the new place out-of cut-off things to identify metabolic problem during the fit college students applying the HOMA and you can QUICKI indicator (65 citations), and you will are published in the 2007.

Just how many citations acquired by really quoted posts is noticeably reduced regarding the SCIE, because Anales de Pediatria has only already been listed to own 9 age. 78). Next most quoted file are a medical opinion and you can meta-data researching rapid tips for new detection regarding Streptococcus pyogenes (30 citations), is actually typed from inside the 2007 together with a yearly pass rate because guide away from 3.63. The college which was in it usually on 10 extremely quoted content, in Scopus and SCIE, is a healthcare facility Universitario Vall d’Hebron.

Our research metrics search concerned about the research of one’s log Anales de- Pediatria so you can assess the exposure on SCIE and you may Scopus as well as the advancement of the extremely associated bibliometric symptoms

The number of really works indexed by Scopus in earlier times 49 years might have been inconsistent, having peaks and you can troughs that apply at style for the indications. On nine years of indexing regarding the SCIE, we receive way more uniform indexing which was just like indexing patterns in the Scopus, with the exception of 2014, where Scopus incorrectly detailed really works blogged in various years. Essentially, Scopus often right such problems, many of which have impacted new medical literature, 14 for example regarding the management of so-entitled “online-first content”, on connection off cited works with the brand new citing article authors otherwise the fresh replication out-of information, one of most other phenomena. 15–17 chatspin coupons These scenarios, which can be unrelated toward features of one’s article strategies off the brand new record and/or top-notch the authored contents, can seriously affect indications, inflating otherwise deflating him or her.

The fresh new document quoted oftentimes (with 34 citations) was entitled “Handgrip fuel in children and you can family old of six in order to 18 years: Source thinking and you can experience of dimensions and body constitution” and you will was also the fresh new file into the large yearly ticket speed since the their guide (step 3

On the other hand, we pointed out that this type of database don’t usually comply with this new class out-of data created by journal of the together with him or her when you look at the specific sections. We learned that some of the files detailed since stuff when you look at the Scopus had been classified once the characters otherwise editorials regarding SCIE. In the a previous analysis, Abad mais aussi al. six learned that the fresh new proportion off letters regarding the Spanish pediatrics returns try out of 19.2%, a percentage one greatly surpassed the worldwide mediocre (eight.3%) which most likely resulted regarding dictate of your own letters published during the Anales de Pediatria , a circumstance which was as well as noted last year from the Gonzalez Alcaide mais aussi al. 4

The writer collaboration directory has increased throughout the trajectory off Anales de Pediatria . The worth of this signal are determined by multiple circumstances, like the limit implemented of the journal for the level of finalizing people, which have triggered a continual property value this list within the contrast for the marked increasing trend that were found in early in the day age.

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